The M.O.R.G.A.N Project Mission

Created in 2001, our mission is ``to provide the tools for a therapeutic and fun experience to individuals with developmental differences.`` We do this through our unique Quality of Life support programs, our Snoezelen-based Multi-Sensory Activities at Morgan's Place, and through volunteer outreach in our community. Proudly, in 2019 we became a chapter member of The Arc of Florida, expanding on our original mission. Learn more about what we do and why we do it!

Making a Difference

The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project has identified caregiver support as a high priority. However, the “tools” that these caregivers need to make their job easier and safer are not always readily available. Appropriate and accessible facilities are few and far between. These are essential items, services and activities that not only assist them in safely caring for their loved ones, but enhances the Quality-of-life for the entire family at the same time. That’s where we step in!

Get Involved

You can make a difference too for families of medically fragile children or young adults with disabilities, as well as others of all ages with developmental differences! Our community helped to build us, and we need YOUR help to continue to serve those that need us the most. Make a tax-deductible donation, volunteer, hold a fundraiser, or even help us every time you shop online or simply surf the web. Learn more about how YOU can help US to help THEM.

A Message from Morgan's Place - December 2019

Dear Friends, Clients and Supporters: It has been a wonderful and exciting year for us!!! Our small charity literally arose from the ashes, and Morgan's Place is now better than ever before, and we are so privileged to be able to continue to serve the children and families that we love. We have expanded our multi-sensory programs for children with disabilities to include individuals of all ages, and are adding NEW group-based multi-sensory classes for ALL ages and ALL abilities! We are appropriate for those with or without disabilities and now in addition to our specialized and unique sessions specific to our special-needs population we are offering sensory-based activity classes to all. Outside in our Garden Sensorium our newest addition to our LifeStyle Pavilion is our incredible SunShade Structure, built with a generous grant from the American Association of Dermatologists and our Musical Garden donated by The Space Coast Health Foundation. If you haven't seen our new and improved multi-sensory areas for yourself yet, please give us a call to schedule a brief tour, we look forward to proudly showing it all off to you. Thank you for your continued support!! As always, it’s the generosity of our community that keeps us going, and even a small donation can make a big difference ❤️ For the kids, Kristen Malfara, Founder & Executive Director

Morgan's Place: The Sensorium Tour

Take a tour through our wonderful, magical multi-sensory wonderland! This video was taken just before the fire in June 2017, and is a wonderful insight to the magic at Morgan's Place. As soon as we have an updated video of the new and improved Morgan's Place we will post it here.

Learn more about Morgan's Place Sensorium and all the therapeutic activities your child can enjoy here.

Tour Morgan's Place

From Kristen's Desk

We are very happy to be celebrating our 18th year of this organization, named in honor of our beautiful little boy, Morgan. In the past 22+ years of caring for our son, we have come to appreciate all of the difficulties involved in caring for a special-needs child in the family home. It is our hope that through this project we can help other family caregivers to be able to better care for their own kids with special needs, by providing resources, gently used disability equipment exchange, and multi-sensory therapeutic play. We have been extremely fortunate to have found a wonderful Leukodystrophy support group, and many exceptional parents of special-needs children to share our experiences with over the past years. That said, we also recognize that not all family caregivers of children with special needs have been as fortunate as our family has been, and this is our opportunity to help others in our son's name. Our organization recognizes that our "children" will always need our caregiving and supports in the community regardless of their age, and our expanding and evolving programs are designed to grow with them. The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project has been created with love BY parents of a child with special needs, FOR parents of children with special needs. ~Kristen and Robert Malfara