Shortly after Morgan’s diagnosis with Leukodystrophy in early 1998, Kristen went into research mode and became an expert in her son’s condition and the special needs community. Soon, she became a volunteer for The Hunter’s Hope Foundation advocating for other families with children in similar situations.

The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project, Inc. was incorporated in 2001 and serves all families of children with disabilities regardless of age, diagnosis, geographic location or any other limitations and while she still refers to herself as a “stay at home mom,” she is most definitely a leader in the local disabilities community and beyond. She considers herself first and foremost a problem-solver with a unique ability to recognize a problem and aggressively pursue a resolution. In addition to Morgan, Kristen is the proud parent of two other sons, Jordan and B.J.

“Our choices, more than our abilities, show who we really are.”