Ethan D'Avignon

Hi Kristen and The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project

I would like to start off with saying sorry for taking so long to write but with Wisconsin winters and a seven and a half hour drive in good weather, we were finally able to visit my Father to get the stander. Ethan and I would like to thank you so much for the Rifton Mobile Stander. As you can see from the picture, Ethan is non-mobile by himself. He has severe CP and is usually wheelchair bound. He is nonverbal and G-tube fed. This stander has been wonderful for him because he can not only stand up but haslearned to use one hand to move himself (and is very proud of himself) which he had never done before. The stander has also helped with some of his medical issues such as using his leg muscles that were so tight that his legs were always bent. They are starting to straighten out nicely which means no painful shots or surgery. As you know, children with special needs are only allowed one mobility item every five years and obviously we chose a wheelchair since it was a necessity. A year and a half ago, we bought him a bronco to stand in but he could never stand up in it. He always laid over the front and “hung” on the seat and it didn’t help with his curvature of the spine so we donated it to our local lending closet as we do everything he can’t use or outgrows. 

As a parent of a child with special needs, there is a constant battle within one’s self over what medical procedures, therapies, and/or equipment are a necessity and what would provide him with a better quality of life. But when you really look at the choices you have, most of the time you have to settle for things that “work” but aren’t what you would chose if money were no option. Your program has made it possible for Ethan to have a piece of equipment that really improves his quality of life, health,and happiness! We can’t thank you enough! Ethan is looking forward to warmer weather so he can go outside and have us chase him down the driveway in his stander. Thank you for making this possible for all of us!

Sincerely, Lisa and Ethan D’Avignon

Aida and Emma - Special - Needs Jogger Strollers

Dear MORGAN Project,

First I want to say how grateful we are. These are so perfect and we have already gotten the girls out of the house and to a few parks several times. I wanted to send you a few pics of the girls in the strollers. Feel free to use them if you want.

Thanks, Tiffany Brassard