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Five core programs are currently in place within The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project:
1.  Pediatric Disability Equipment Exchange Program
2.  Quality of Life Enhancement Program
3.  Parent Resource & Informational Pamphlet Program
4.  Family Education Seminars Program
5.  Morgan’s Place

The Pediatric Disability Equipment Exchange Program has proven successful in offering critical support to parents caring for their chronically ill children with physical disabilities in the family home. Our extensive Resources Database contains information and links to other organizations, agencies, funders, and support groups. And our newest initiative, Morgan’s Place  has been overwhelmingly embraced by families in Brevard County as a magical place for therapeutic play with their child with special health care needs.

Pediatric Disability Equipment Exchange Program

Through the Pediatric Disability Equipment Exchange Program, medical equipment and supplies are made available through The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project to families who would otherwise be unable to obtain the equipment necessary for the care of their medically fragile child.

We facilitate the exchange of new and gently used pediatric medical equipment to/from individuals and families nationwide whose health conditions no longer require the equipment, or whose children have outgrown the equipment’s size. Items donated to The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project are advertised as available on our website, along with the location of the item.  Any family who has a need for a particular item can download an application to “adopt” the piece of equipment. Once approved, the item will then be shipped from the donor family to the family presenting the need. We also look for corporate sponsors to donate new equipment, as well.

We absorb all the costs associated with donating and adopting this equipment, and there is never a charge to the families. We also provide receipts for the declared value of these tax-deductible equipment donations.

Please visit our Available Equipment Page to see what items are available, how to apply for them, and how to donate equipment to this program!


Make a small equipment donation by emailing:

Disability Resources Database

Please visit our resources page for extensive listings!

Morgan’s Place

Our multi-sensory wonderland for children with physical disabilities and sensory processing disorders, encompassing our Sensorium, Vestibular Swing Gym and iAccessibility Technology zone.