Updated November 16, 2016

WOW!   Nearly all the equipment in our current inventory has been claimed, we still have a few items left for disbursement.  As we move forward we will begin listing items available here on the website along with their descriptions, pictures and location – as well as availability for pickup or shipping.

Click here for current inventory:     EQUIPMENT INVENTORY

Please select the items you would like to request, place them in the cart.  Be sure to indicate “shipping” or “pickup” for the item if available for both options.  Our Square Store requires $0.01 as the listed price for each item in order to process.

Add coupon code FREE, when requested, and it will remove the cost from the cart.

This is a FREE Quality-of-life support program!!  Although we never charge a donating or recipient family for these items, donations are always appreciated in order to allow this program to continue.    Simply add a donation to support our Equipment Program when checking out.


If you are requesting more than 1 item and do NOT wish to make a contribution, the FREE code will only work for 1 item at a time.  Please submit your request for each item individually.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us 321-506-2707.

If you would like us to consider listing an item that you no longer have use for, please contact us as there are always families with needs!  Simply email us with a description and location of your items, as well as pictures and we will let you know if we can add them to our available inventory.